Pure NV BKT is a hair care product line from American Culture which includes in salon smoothing services and at home hair care. Pure NV BKT is created with high quality keratin and our exclusive NV™ Complex that contributes to anti-aging and revitalization of the hair. Our NV™ Complex is a unique, powerful formulation of nutrients from the purest fruits, vegetables and plants infused with argan oil, pomegranate, eggplant and high quality keratin and collagen to address specific hair needs. 

The results? Smooth nourished strands, enhanced hair color and radiant shine!
Healthy, nourished, revialized hair is now yours.


Pure NV BKT at home hair care is a powerful, botanically-derived collection of moisture rich formulas that are super gentle, hydrating, and reparative to restructure and recondition hair fibers. Pure NV BKT shampoos,conditionersstyling and finishing products are all sodium chloride, sulfate and paraben free as well as color safe; and can be used to benefit your hair whether or not you have had a professional keratin treatment. While many cleansers are comprised of harsh sulfates, our formulas utilize cleansers that are purely derived from plants to cleanse without dehydrating and indulge hair in serious moisture and shine. Pure NV BKT is for the environmentally conscious consumer drawn towards natural botanical ingredients and sophisticated, earthy green aromas that refresh and rejuvenate. Pure NV BKT packaging is ecologically attractive and made from recycled materials. All pure NV BKT promotional boxes are biodegradable, printed with soy ink and are Green Seal certified.
Pure NV BKT products have been featured by top beauty editors fromLucky, Brides, vanityfair.com, and daily candy!

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